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The Ottawa County Central Dispatch Authority was established in 1989 to build a Central Dispatch system and implement enhanced 9-1-1. Ottawa Central Dispatch began operation in March 1991. Central Dispatch handles all requests for Public Safety service in Ottawa County. Central Dispatch also provides radio communication services for all public safety agencies in Ottawa County. Central Dispatch receives requests for and handles dispatch of all police, fire, and medical emergencies in Ottawa County and the entire City of Holland. Ottawa County Central Dispatch is one of the largest multi-jurisdictional dispatch centers in the State of Michigan.

Our primary means of communication with the public is our Enhanced 9-1-1 system. This system helps us locate callers in an emergency by providing a name, address, and phone number. Ottawa 9-1-1 is capable of receiving both Phase l and Phase ll cellular 9-1-1 calls. Non-emergency calls are facilitated through our toll free number (1-800-249-0911), and administrative lines for public and private use.

The other primary means of communication is our radio and computer systems. All Ottawa County police, fire and ambulance services communicate with Central Dispatch via this radio system. Central Dispatch currently has one of the most up to date mobile date systems in the State of Michigan. This system features drivers license photos, jail mugshots, and officer access to a multitude of other databases.